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Ryan Wyly

Josh Perry

November 17, 2009

Ryan Wyly moseys down the hall to his next class with his favorite A&W shirt on and an ice-cold root beer in his hand, sipping it along the way. During his trek, the senior stops to comfort someone lonely or a girl not having...

Drew Alers

Olivia Hebert

November 10, 2009

Silence fills the familiar room as Drew Alers takes her first step of the new school year into a colorful haven.The comforting smell of paint was exactly as she remembered. She looked around at the new faces in her Pre-AP Art...

Sky Bottenfield

Breanna Durrett

November 3, 2009

The alarm sounded and junior Sky Bottenfield hits the snooze button, looking at it with bleary eyes.  4:30 a.m. is way too early to get up on a school morning, she says to herself. She rolls out of bed anyway, beginning another...

Clarke Rahrig

Nadley Doerge

October 20, 2009

Senior Clarke Rahrig, standing 6’ 6” on stage, took his Jolly Green Giant pose, and gazed into the darkness while hearing Mission Improvable fans screaming and applauding. Thoughts were rushing through his head, hoping he...

Nichole Fort

Ashley Canterbury

October 14, 2009

Practicing her routine every day. Getting her kicks to the highest level. Performing to a Bon Jovi mix. Applauding kids to keep going. Drill team will volunteer at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (JDRF)...

Jessica Bayless

Ashley Canterbury

October 6, 2009

She arms herself with one blue t-shirt, four 3-D paint pens, and the ability to make it all happen. Jessica Bayless designs personalized shirts, shoes and book bags. “I’ve made t-shirts for a long time but then people...

Maicee Brinkman

Julianna DiNapoli

June 15, 2009

You may know her by her more than interesting cleats, but this varsity soccer star is chasing her dreams. Maicee Brinkman contributed more than just interesting cleats to the girl’s varsity soccer team’s second-team all-district run. ...

Jennifer Petrie

Ceara Fragoso

June 8, 2009

Jennifer Petrie never knew sunburn could be so dangerous, but after falling off a twelve foot balcony then danger was very clear. “I heard her get up, she said she was getting Advil, so I didn’t do anything. Then I heard a crash then saw he...

Matt Canright

Devin Lyles

May 22, 2009

From Maiden to Manson, from Coheed & Cambria to Alice In Chains, and from Pantera to The Postal Service, sophomore Matt Canright practices on his guitar, affectionately named Jade, day after day to live up to the music legends he...

Top In Class and Podium


April 28, 2009

Jeremy Hamilton took his spring vacation earlier than scheduled. A freshman and at the top of his class spent his Spring Break at Daytona Bike Week competing in the AMA Winter Dirt Track Series in early March. Finishing up their ...