Holiday Movies

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Holiday Movies

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Micaih Thomas, Entertainment Editor

It’s watch corny, yet funny movies on Hallmark channel, dash into the car and scream because it is so cold and make a nice cup of extra hot chocolate and watch it spill all over your bare legs season. Wrap up in a warm blanket, sit down with family and enjoy these festive movies. Tis the season.

Polar Express
Released in 2004, the polar express takes place in a quiet suburbia, where a little boy embarks on a journey to dispel his doubts about Santa’s existence. Throughout his journey, he obtains new friends that share similar parallels as him.

Home Alone 1 and 2
Kevin, the mischievous boy in the household of too many family members, is left behind at home while the rest of his family boards a flight to their annual Christmas trip. At first, he finds solace in the fact that no one else will bother him. He has a big T.V., bed fit for a king and a house reserved for himself, but trouble arrives when local thieves try to break into his house. He comes up with a plan to defend the house.

In the North Pole, a human elf, played by Will Ferrell, ventures out into the great city of New York in hopes to find his biological father. The movie takes the audience on a journey filled with laughs and Christmas nostalgia.

Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer
I think every kid born in the early 2000s will remember being forced to watch this weird movie at school. After the disappearance of his grandmother, a child sets out to find her and prove the existence of Santa. 

Nightmare Before Christmas
This film is for the “Halloween will reign forever,” “Spooky Szn even in December” type of person. This movie is a creepy yet optimistic musical that takes place in an alternate dimension where monsters dwell and thrive in their chaotic world. 

Collateral Beauty
This film is a great film to watch with the family or by yourself. As Christmas time approaches, a businessman learns to cope with his daughter’s death and writes letters to death, love and time. The three things he fears. His coworkers orchestrate a plan to allow the spirits of death, love and time to intervene with his depression and save their business. Each lesson that the characters learn is applicable to real life and may fill the void inside.

8 Crazy Nights
A Jewish man renounces his religion because of unfortunate events relating to his immediate family’s death on Christmas. He goes through 8 crazy nights, accompanied by an old man, and learns how to be a better person.

A Christmas Carol
In the 1800s, a jolly-less man by the name of Scrooge is visited by spirits to remind him of the importance of Christmas.

The Santa Clause   
A non-Santa believing businessman is chosen by fate to become the next Santa Claus. He learns to balance his home life while he adjusts to his new beer belly, white facial hair and difficult task of presents to children across the world.

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