How Students Really Feel About School

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How Students Really Feel About School

Micaih Thomas writes about how students feel about summer's end.

Micaih Thomas writes about how students feel about summer's end.

Micaih Thomas writes about how students feel about summer's end.

Micaih Thomas writes about how students feel about summer's end.

Micaih Thomas, Entertainment Editor

 This past summer, so many chaotic things happened. The girls of Legacy high school became infected with the H.G.S.V. (Hot Girl Summer Virus). The male students attempted to join the Hot Girl Summer phenomenon, but they failed miserably. The prince of Harlem rap, A.S.A.P. Rocky, got detained in Sweden and an asteroid almost destroyed the world. It felt like the right time to ask students to spill the tea on their summers and expectations for the school year.  

Heaven Wright, 11 

“I worked all summer. I was making money and I went on a cruise. I did not want to come back. It was pretty lit. My [hot girl summer] was chasing the bag, and going on a few dates with people. It was PG-13.” 

Kelly Ogbonna, 12

“Summer was really terrible. I was really sick. I was a sick girl. It’s senior year, so I want to have fun. I don’t care about the [football] games, I care about after the games – yunno how everyone goes to hang out? I just want it to be the middle of the year. The beginning of the year is too much build up. You feel me?” 

Alexa Massey, 12

“I wasn’t excited at all for summer to be over, but it is my senior year. I’m really scared. It’s sad, the first volleyball game is today, and for football season, and I don’t want that to end. “ 

Loralye Stevenson, 11 

“Other classes are boring. I haven’t gone to AC yet which is kinda a shocker. I went to France [this summer]. It was fun. I went there for a climbing competition.”

Lila McMasters, 10

“My summer was really boring and awful. I went through a breakup. It was a really huge deal to me and my mom. She was really protective and so was my ex. After I broke up with her, I was like, ‘I’m going to do my own thing and it’s the best thing I’ve done this year. I got to finally express myself. I was able to express how I feel. When I was in the relationship, she was very controlling of me. So dying my hair meant alot to me.”

Kenan Thompson, 12

“It’s finally my senior year, so I can finally get out and go to college. [in the summer], I would wake up at 8 a.m., and go to sleep at 12 a.m. I would stay up playing the game. It [was] summer, why not?” 

Zwai Charles, 12 

“[My summer in New Orleans] was fun. I broke my phone though. I was at my Auntie’s house.. I was looking inside the house, looked on one side, looked on the other side and I found pieces. I found the back of it, found the screen, and the Otterbox.” 

Blake Accipitr, 9 

“When I wasn’t at Legacy, I was really nervous. When I got here, people were nice. I was excited to see what would happen.” 

Carson Klingmen, 11

“I came from Illinois, so it was a lot different. I lived here two years ago. From the way TV makes it sound, high school is high school is horrible. I was really nervous.” 

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