Prom Superlatives


Most Humorous Boy:  Zach Mills

Most Humorous Girl:  Aubree Gallego

Most Spirited Girl: Keslie Bernard

Most Spirited Boy: Brandon Zubriski

Most Athletic Boy: Justin Walker

Most Athletic Girl: Paige Tabor

Most Likely to Succeed Boy: Patrick Huggins

Most Likely to Succeed Girl: Yeni Ropo-Tusin

Most Talented Boy:  Sean Smith

Most Talented Girl:  Molly Mayfield

Most Artistic Boy:  Abner Cabriales

Most Artistic Girl:  Kenzie and Casi Moss.

Best All-Around Boy: Jake Edwards

Best All-Around Girl: Megan Lucero

Friendliest Boy:  Dominique Wiley

Friendliest Girl:  Brittany Bayless

Best Dressed Boy:  Tyler Terhall

Best Dressed Girl:  Shaley Russell

Prom King:  Darius Smith

Prom Queen:  Mireya Martinez

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