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Why The Roommate was a waste of money
*This contains spoilers*

The Roommate is about a college freshman named Sara, played by Minka Kelly, and her encounter with a delirious roommate named Rebecca, played by Leighton Meester.

Reason #1: The Plot Lacked Depth

With the captivating yet relatable plot The Roommate possesses, there is really no excuse for failing to take the theme to the next level. There were some instances that unlocked the door to a profound story, but the writers failed to open the door. For example, when Rebecca brings Sara to a popular hang out in her home town, the majority of people act distant towards Rebecca. Although at that point in the story viewers know that something is wrong with Rebecca, they never find out anything about her past to understand why she turned out the way she did. When Rebecca brings Sara to the hang out, it is obvious something reprehensible occurred that ruined her reputation in her past, but viewers never find out what event took place that produced such a lasting impact.  Another instance that unlocked the door to a developed story occurred when Rebecca’s mother asked Sara if Rebecca was taking her medication. When Sara said no to the question the Rebecca’s mother asked, the mother just silenced the subject and acted as if nothing happened. If the movie allowed the parents to tell their side of the story, the viewer’s could have learned more about Rebecca.

Reason #2: There was no Climax

Usually in suspense movies there is a part in the movie that puts everybody on the edge of their seats. For example, the climax of Taken is when Brian Mills finds out Patrice St. Clair took his daughter; the climax of The Departed is when Castello’s men and the Boston police realize they have moles. Throughout The Roommate, the plot stayed the same in intensity. Yes, there were some parts of the movie that grabbed the audiences’ attention, but they just seemed random.

Reason #3: The Trailers Showed Too Much

One of the deepest holes a movie can fall into is showing too much of the movie during the trailer. Unfortuanately, The Roommate fell victim to this trap. For example, one of the best parts of the movie occurred when Rebecca pulls Tracy’s belly button ring out. However, viewers who saw the trailer already knew that event would take place.

Reason #4: The Ending

Even with the various mistakes the movie’s creators produced, The Roommate still had a chance to recover with a good ending. The main fault of the ending is that it comprises of neither a cliff-hanger nor an absolute conclusion. For example, during the last few minutes of the movie, Sara goes to an empty building thinking Tracy needed help and finds Rebecca holding a woman hostage. Sara tries to help the girl but Rebecca tries to kill her too. Eventually Sara is able to stab Rebecca, but the viewers never find out if Rebecca is killed. In fact, the police are never seen throughout the movie. Rebecca is assumed to be dead when Sara and Stephen move her bed out of their room, but for some reason it did not feel like an ending.