Five Reasons Why You Should Get a Goat

Madeline Frank, Staff Writer

As someone who has raised goats her whole life I may be a bit biased, but I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed raising goats. So, please hear me out as I give you some background on why I love them so much. 

Goats are very goofy, loving and loyal creatures that don’t do well with change. Goats are usually content with the situation they are in so they seldom try to escape like a dog would. 

Goats have few priorities in life and a major one, food, goats will do anything for it. Say goodbye to the lawn mower and pick up a goat, they’ll have the grass cut down and the bushes pruned in under an hour. 

Goats are usually pretty gentle creatures that crave attention. They are great with kids and, contrary to popular belief goats typically don’t bite or try to ram people unless provoked. They get along well with most other animals and will become best buds with any animals you may have. 

It’s not as hard as you may think to train a goat. Most goats are very food driven and will do whatever it takes to get a snack which makes it pretty simple to train them. 

Low Maintenance 
As long as you do plenty of research ahead of time and have the appropriate vaccinations on hand, there is no need to take goats to the vet. Goats are pretty sturdy animals and as long as you regularly provide food, water and proper vitamins and nutrition they will be just fine.