Girls’ Soccer Ends Playoff Run at Regional Tournament

The girls’ soccer team ended their historic season at the regional tournament hosted by Carrolton ISD’s Standridge stadium. The team was one of the 16 squads remaining in the 5A playoffs. Head Coach Heather Wilson enjoyed the special bond the team had this season and will miss the senior leadership of the team.

“I’m really sad they are leaving us,” Coach Wilson said. “They treated the freshmen teammates the same as their senior teammates. It was such a rare thing, I was really lucky to have them.”

Only 45 seconds after the kickoff Wylie East buried a header into the Legacy goal from a corner kick. Wylie East dominated first half possession but following a rousing speech at half time from Coach Wilson, Legacy was able to bring their playing style back in the second half.

“We looked a lot more like ourselves the second half,” Coach Wilson said. “I felt like it was more evenly matched.”

Senior Khirah Madison was a key loss for the regional semifinal game. Madison left their previous game against Red Oak with a knee injury and her presence up top playing forward was missed by the Broncos. Madison was disappointed she couldn’t affect the outcome of the game but was still happy for the team and their season.

“I felt like I let the team down since I couldn’t do anything about the loss,” Madison said. ”But the chemistry on the team, they’re not even teammates, we are family.”

The Broncos weren’t able to overcome Wylie East’s early lead and ended the game with a 3-0 loss. While the team was emotional after the game, the mood was positive and full of optimism. Stevie Riddle, 12, was proud of the team’s efforts through the season and looks back at her teammates with pride.

“This year’s team has worked harder than any team I’ve ever been on,” Riddle said. “It’s absolutely amazing to say that this team fights for each other and not ourselves.”

The team recorded 14 wins, five ties and five losses through their 2014-15 campaign, their best overall record in school history. Advancing to the regional tournament was also a first for the girls’ soccer program. Legacy’s Athletic Coordinator Chris Melson was proud of how the team performed for Legacy.

“They represented our school and our district the way we wanted them to,” Coach Melson said. “They played hard and we can’t ask for more from the kids.”

Exiting from the playoffs meant the seniors were done with playing soccer for high school, which Ashley Felan, 12, felt bittersweet about.

“We made history our senior year,” Felan said. “To the fans, thank you for the support.
All the cheering, especially at the Red Oak game, I will never forget it.”