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Anti-Abortion Protesters Target Legacy

The Abolitionist Society of Forth Worth protests abortion outside.

Abolitionist Society of Fort Worth Facebook

The Abolitionist Society of Forth Worth protests abortion outside.

Anti-abortion protesters have stood in front of Legacy’s Main Street entrance every morning. The protesters, exercising their First Amendment rights, have signs showing a graphic portrayal of the abortion process.

The protesters organize and call themselves the Abolitionist Society of Fort Worth. Jace Isham, one of the protesters said their message is to “get students to repent to God and turn away from the sinful acts of premarital sex, sloth and abortion.”

“In high school, we do tolerate things like that,” Jace Isham said. “We do follow after our lusts and passions and we aren’t willing to deal with the consequences and trusting in Christ and exalting him as King is the answer to that.”

The group has protested in front of schools other than Legacy. They protested at Mansfield High School and several high schools in Fort Worth. The protesters target their signs and message towards the student pick-up and drop-off section, which could be making an impression on younger children riding to school each morning. This has upset some parents.

“I think he wants the attention. I just don’t feel like doing it in front of minors is the right thing,” parent Stephanie Flurry said. “High school students have the capability of understanding what he is protesting and be able to have a mature discussion, but you have elementary and middle school kids riding to school in the morning. I don’t think it’s an appropriate place for protesting.”

Despite the controversy the protesters are causing, Dr. Shelly Butler, Principal, reminded parents and students the group still has constitutional rights to carry out their operation.

“Although his signs are offensive and disgusting, he has a constitutional right to stand where he is standing and protest,” Dr. Butler said in an email to parents and teachers. “The area of grass where he is standing is not school district property. The administrative staff and MISD Police have asked him to move his protest to the other side of the street near Whataburger. He has refused.”

Contrary to rumors, no one from the Abolitionist Society of Fort Worth group was arrested for the protest. They plan to continue spreading their message at high schools in the area. 

“We think the situation is urgent enough to where the taboo places in our society to go. We need to go there and carry ourselves well — not do anything violent or anything foolish,” Isham said. “Just speak the truth and if it agitates people or gets inside their head, it should. People should care about the suffering of their neighbor and they should care about the truth of God, so it’s disruptive inherently in itself.”

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2 Responses to “Anti-Abortion Protesters Target Legacy”

  1. Jace Isham on November 9th, 2017 1:24 pm

    Awesome article, y’all. Thanks for including us in the conversation.

  2. John Cummins on November 9th, 2017 1:34 pm

    The pictures are totally disgusting. Why? Because the murder of the unborn is totally disgusting. THIS is the primary reason that ALL of these students need to be made aware. This group is very brave and to be lauded for their standing up for truth and against murder. While these schools may talk about the horrible things done to the Jews in Germany, and show pictures or of Black slavery in America, in the past, they refuse to show the truth of even worse holocausts happening under their noses.

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