STUCO Wins District Presidency

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Student Council members hold open the cafeteria door for people to enter the building on August 14.

Seth Miller

Student Council members hold open the cafeteria door for people to enter the building on August 14.

Students hold hands tightly and dramatically bow their heads as they wait to hear the winner’s name. The announcement of “Legacy for president” relieves the stress of Student Council.

On Saturday, Feb. 23, Texas Association of Student Councils (TASC) hosted their spring conference at Timber Creek High School. After months of preparation and advertisement, Legacy campaigned and won the presidency for the district 3.

“It was a thrilling experience and I learned a lot from campaigning with fellow leaders,” sophomore and student council member Loyce Juiye said.

TASC holds officer elections and schools submit a skit in order to compete. Candidates must create or promote a campaign idea using the rules of the campaign theme. StuCo campaigned by submitting a video about the importance of organ donation.

“I feel the uniqueness of our video made us stand out because we were the only school to talk about organ donation,” Juiye said.

TASC will hold an official meeting in May to finalize the steps to start the presidency. The old district officer board will hand down all of their documents and information about the presidency to StuCo.

“I’m really eager to start and very proud to represent legacy and will always be,” sophomore Serena Noureddine said.

Stuco requires forms to run for the 2019-2020 school year student body and class officers be submitted by April 18 at 3 p.m. Interviews for student body officers will take place April 24 and 25 and open elections will take place the week of April 29.

“I feel as it’s all up to the students on who they feel is most available to give their all to the school and will bring a different and more positive and inclusive energy to legacy high,” junior Michael Cooper said.