How to Adult: Social Media Etiquette

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How to Adult: Social Media Etiquette

The appearance made on social media can determine the kind of friends that stick around, the way people get treated in public and the way future employers see their applicants. Social media plays a big part in our lives. A lot of teens act differently on Snapchat or Instagram not knowing the kind of effects it can have on their social life and their professional life in the future. Here’s how to use social media in a smart and effective way. 

Think before making the post
Think about what is about to be posted and the kind of effect it can have on followers. Determine whether it would cause problems and if future employers would look down on it.  The content posted could determine whether higher opportunities are handed to someone else or not. 

Don’t post the obvious
Nobody cares that it’s raining outside and nobody needs to know what was cooked for breakfast. Posting the obvious will just annoy others and make them not want to follow anymore. Don’t become “that person” and post things that anyone can figure out for themselves. 

Don’t spam
Don’t post so much that people sit there scrolling through it for five minutes. Most people get annoyed when someone posts their whole life on Snapchat or Instagram. Not only does spamming make it seem like it’s all about attention, it makes everyone annoyed. 

Don’t threaten others
If looking for a fight or an opportunity to do something stupid, don’t post about it online. It will not end well. Talk things out in person instead of getting in more trouble than intended. 

Don’t swear
The language used can make everyone look super immature and can make people look away. Be nice when speaking, and use appropriate words. Don’t look bad because of the language used. 

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