You Know You’re A Bronco If: 2022-23 Edition


Photo by Caelin Cox

Seniors Cody Busocker-Klein, Brandon Sticka and Walker Ballard dressed in USA apparel, cheered for the football team at the game against Mansfield.

Leilani Fierro, Editor in Chief

You know you’re a Bronco when…

– Your whole closet is red, black, and white

– You know we are the “L-Side”

– You’ve been yelled at and chased by Mr. Cousins to put on your ID

– You see roaches in the school 

– You have “it’s a great day to be a Legacy Bronco” engraved in your head

– You get withdrawals when the PTA cookies disappear 

– You go to a basketball game and everyone chants “L-side”

-You start humming the school chant to yourself 

– You looked for the 4th floor

– You know the anxiety of looking for your ID before walking into the school

– You have tripped going up the stairs

– Your school is named after a rodeo

 – You lose to Timberview in any sport 

– You can only use one bathroom on each floor 

– You hear “keep it classy Broncos” every day on the announcements 

– You get donuts at Twisty Donuts every morning

– You can ignore Mr. Cousins’s whistle during passing period

– You know when it’s the Whataburger basketball tournament

– You go to other schools’ football games for a “W”

– You still get winded walking up to the third floor

– You can walk 1.8 miles across the school, talk to friends, and go to the bathroom in 5 minutes 

– You know the dedicated parking lot for the trucks 

– You have to stop every day after school for the people walking to Whataburger 

– Your bowling team is top tier 

– You see mullets and Edgar cuts down every hall

– You hear “lowkey” and “slay” in the hallways 

– You carry a gallon of water or Stanley cup to each class

– Your only shoe option is Crocs

– You know it’s cookie day by the smell of the hallway

– You can’t use the bathroom without 18 other people in the bathroom

– You hear music in the morning over the intercom 

–  You have been dress-coded or ID’d by Mr. Cousins

– You see or have a lifted truck 

– You follow TheRideronline on all social media