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Mrs. Dionne Harris talks to an AVID student. (Dalton Mix photo)

Dalton Mix

Mrs. Dionne Harris talks to an AVID student. (Dalton Mix photo)


Why We Do It
“I think the point of AVID is to help us reach our greatest potential. For example, it prepares you for college and helps you stay organized.” Jackie Trejo, 11.

Time/Days/Where We Meet
AVID classes meet during assigned periods. 

What Other Students Think We Do 
“They think we prepare for college and get help in our advanced classes.” Charie Branch, 11.

What Our Parents Think We Do 
“They think that in AVID we learn helpful skills to better prepare us for college, essentially to improve our future. They also conclude that being in AVID will help develop our characteristics to become better, more determined versions of ourselves to progress in life.” Alejandra Jacquez, 11.

What We Really Do 
“At first I thought AVID was a waste of time, but now that I’m a junior I see how helpful it actually is. She prepares you for the SAT with practice questions and practice tests, she helps you figure out what type of learner you are and makes sure you know how to stay organized. She guides you through the college work so you won’t be oblivious.” Esmeralda Cruz, 11