Show choir rehearses for upcoming show.

Photo by Kassidy Duncan

Show choir rehearses for upcoming show.

Show Choir

Show Choir 

Why We Do It 
“Show Choir is in of itself, a story. We have a show that tells a story that people can relate too more often than not. We use music to influence people’s emotions.” Austin Wright, 12

Where/How Often Do They Meet  
They meet every Tuesday in the choir room at 3:00-4:00 or 5:30 depending on how close it is to Lone Star, their show choir competition.

What People Think We Do  
“They assume we do a step-touch step-touch routine and sing some simple melody, which couldn’t be further from the truth.” Austin Wright, 12 

What Our Parents Think We Do 
“My parents think we sing and dance, and they know it’s hard but they don’t understand how hard.” Jack Fabiano, 10.

What We Really Do  
“We of course dance and sing because it’s show choir, but many hours of working out go into it. We’re constantly pushing our physical fitness and our bodies to the limit every rehearsal.” Jack Fabiano, 10.

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