UIL Academics

Photo by Madison Brown

UIL Academics

UIL Academic

Why We Do It
I do UIL academics just to put myself out there and to see how well I do and compare myself to others in the subjects I feel like I am strong in.” Andy Vu, 12.

Time/Days/Where We Meet
Academic UIL meets are held at different locations on Saturdays.

What Other Students Think We Do
“Most students believe that we just do the four core subjects while there are actually many different competitions besides the core subjects.” Will Mabe, 9.

What Our Parents Think We Do
“My parents know that I’m just following world news and making sure I familiarize myself with global events.” Will Mabe, 9.

What We Really Do
“We prepare for the competition by doing study groups and we learn a lot about random math skills and facts about different topics in science.” Yunah Song, 12.

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Our Goal