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Opinion: Standardized Tests Need An Upgrade

Quiroz writes about how students' knowledge and understanding should not be based on standardized exams .
January 11, 2021

Every year, with the exception of 2020, teachers prepare students for important end-of-year exams like the STAAR and finals. However, these exams do not accurately show a student’s retention of information...

Administrators Endorse Outdoor Lunch Option

Even with colder temperatures, administrative staff acknowledges that students enjoy eating outdoors and plan to expand outdoor seating.
January 8, 2021

On Sep. 8, students returned to an in-person schooling schedule. Among the changes made to combat the spread of COVID-19 in the district, Legacy’s administrators now allow students to eat outside the...

Virtual Learning Leads to High Failure Rates

Students working on classwork from home have higher failure rate than in-person learning modes. MISD has offered was for failing students to redeem credit.
MISD Offers Ways to Redeem Credit
December 15, 2020

The high school failure rate has risen to an all-time high in Texas with 62% of students failing one class and 54% of students failing two or more classes.  In general, when school administrators offered...

UPDATED: District Releases Exemption Requirements

Campuses await official word from district on exams and exemptions.
December 4, 2020

UPDATE On Dec. 3, the district informed campuses of official 2020-21 exemption requirements. In contrast to years past, the requirements only pertain to grades and discipline.  In order to receive...

Leaving In Love

Seniors Daniel Orona and Alexandra Saenz walk during the pre-game homecoming ceremony. The homecoming game was Oct. 23.
High school sweethearts defy odds with their astounding love stories.
December 2, 2020

Paper passes between students with their large science books on the table, Alexandra Saenz, now a senior, peeked around to look at the boy who caught her attention across the room. A subtle glance here...

Families Change Thanksgiving Plans Because of COVID

Families rethink Thanksgiving plans because of COVID
November 23, 2020

Every year, students celebrate Thanksgiving in their own way with their own traditions, but with COVID-19 putting a stop to those plans, students are celebrating the holiday a bit differently this year.  Most...

Assistant Principal Earns Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership

Dr. Ready poses for a picture with a sign at her congratulatory party on Oct. 29.
November 20, 2020

Donned with a black robe and light blue chevrons with a cap detailed with gold, soon-to-be “Dr.” Zelmarian Ready envisions the near future in which she walks across a stage to receive her doctorate. Seven...

Volleyball Advances to Bi-District Playoffs Despite Pandemic

Skai Jones, 12, jumps to hit the volleyball during a game against Burleson.
November 18, 2020

Whistles blow and players come together in the center of the court to celebrate winning a point. The Legacy volleyball team wins another match. In a normal year, this would be when the two teams switch...

Cross Country Finishes Season Off Strong

Ethan Elston, 12, and Sean Yates, 12, run a two mile meet against Mansfield and Timberview at Legacy on September 25.
November 11, 2020

After both the girls’ and boys’ varsity cross country teams competed in the district meet and qualified for the regional championship, they competed on November 9th at Mae Simmons Park in Lubbock,...

Honoring Legacy Veterans

Honoring Legacy Veterans
November 10, 2020

As Americans all over the country celebrate Veteran's Day with their military relatives, it's easy to forget that these brave men and women also serve in our schools. Here are the veterans at Legacy that...

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