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Senior Jay Smith stands in front of his car for a photo

Switching Countries

Zach Planche, Sports Editor July 20, 2021

As the plane door opens, the intense Texas heat hits senior Jay Smith. Sweat begins to build on his forehead and becomes overwhelmed, very different from the United Kingdom. Smith moved from the United...

Jordan Releases

Jordan Releases

July 15, 2021


Senior Goodbye

Senior Goodbye

Jordyn Folsom, Editor-In-Cheif July 5, 2021

I’ve avoided writing blogs throughout my entire time on The Rider staff. I hate vulnerability. I hate feelings. I hate blogs. I hate COVID-19. But more than any of that, I hate people not understanding...

Madison describes her experience dealing with illness in her family.

Senior Goodbye

Madison Palmer, Staff Writer June 28, 2021

I spent my first day of freshman year nervously finding my way from class to class, hoping I would see someone I know or bump into someone I could easily make friends with. Instead, it dragged on slow,...

Quiroz writes about her childhood memories with her dad.

Senior Goodbye

Evelyn Quiroz, Entertainment Editor June 21, 2021

Writing never really fascinated me, in fact, I would slump in my chair at the thought of an essay. My aversion toward writing came from the simple fact that I did not know what to write, most of the prompts...

Senior Goodbye

Senior Goodbye

Zach Planche, Sports Editor June 14, 2021

When I first entered room E-O102 freshman year, I never thought I would still be going to it up to this point. Before freshman year, I had to add an elective to fill out my schedule; and I am not one to...

Junior Christine Mallard stretches before meet

State Track Meet

Leilani Fierro, Staff Writer May 31, 2021

The crowd roars as junior Christine Mallard steps into her block. Blocking out all the noise around, waiting, listening to the sound of her own breathing as she waits for the gun. In a matter of a second,...

Cameron Bates jumps a hurdle as his dad, Coach Bates, observes

Running Ahead

Leilani Fierro, Staff Writer May 26, 2021

The crowd silences as freshman Cameron Bates and the other competitors set into their blocks. At the sound of the gun, he takes off out of his blocks. He gives it his all as he sprints down his lane and...

Had COVID-19, Now What?

Had COVID-19, Now What?

McKenzie Canton, Features Editor May 25, 2021

Sitting at the dining room table, junior Isabel Lara glanced around at her sick family. They intended to eat a nice Thanksgiving meal together, but as they each took a bite, the tasteless turkey did no...

School Supplies

School Supplies

Jonah Pedroza, Staff Writer May 24, 2021

Buy: Pencils (Mechanical and wooden) Pencils are a necessity for every class. When deciding between wooden and mechanical pencils, it comes down to personal preference. Mechanical pencils are slightly...

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