Surfing the Web

Josh Perry, Entertainment Editor

Computers plus the Internet equals a billion possibilities. Normally that’s what boredom rolls into, surfing the web hour upon hour just in search of something to do. We’ve created a list for Internet boredom.

sporcle – Honestly, one of the most entertaining websites around. Don’t let the thought of taking quizzes turn you away form the site because it’s quite fun. The quizzes relate to anything from music and entertainment to science and religion. There are daily quizzes involving word scrambles and word ladders, kinda like a scrabble sort of thing. Making an account on Sporcle is free and easy. The fun part about having an account is if there isn’t a quiz to something and you feel there should be, you can make your own. – Most people have heard about the Music Genome Project Pandora has been conducting since its creation. Pandora allows you to create a radio station that plays music of the band of your choice, plus any band with a similar sound. You can give songs you like a thumbs up, telling the site to play that one again in the future, and give songs you dislike a thumbs down, letting the site know to never play that song again. It’s a great thing to run in the background of anything else you are doing and a great way to hear new music. – Digg is a wide collection of stories that people have “dugg”, which is the close equivalent of a Facebook like. When a person with a Digg profile diggs a story, photo or article with the capability of being dugg, it pops up on Digg for everyone, with or without a profile, to see and read. If you make a free digg account you can then join the crowd and digg already dugg stories, making the digg count of the story rise before your eyes. The stories you digg are then accessible from your profile page to be viewed anytime you want. – Hulu is a wonderful place to watch full episodes of your favorite TV. shows. Hulu can even restrict TV-MA shows from being played unless a signed in account is 18 or older. Creating an account on Hulu is completely free because the site obtains its profit from 30-60 second ads that show three times throughout the episodes like normal commercials. Hulu also has a paid version called Hulu Plus. It costs $7.99 a month and lets you watch several seasons of hit T.V. shows, brand new shows, and critically acclaimed movies. Hulu plus is also playable from Iphone, Ipod, Ipad, PS3, and now Xbox 360 with Kinect compatability. It’s definitely something worth looking into. – For those of you who don’t know, it’s a website consisting completely of online games. Unlike sites similar to, all of the games on Miniclip are more appropriate. No bloody violence, large amounts of gore or inappropriate themes are found in any of the games. The site has hundreds of games ranging from action and adventure to strategy and puzzle with all sorts of themes and topics relating to them. Miniclip also has several games that can be downloaded from the app store. It’s for a price, but it’s worth it.