The 6 Greatest Dinosaurs That Ever Lived


Travis St. John, Staff Writer

Ever since Jurassic Park people have known that the most amazing dinosaurs are the velociraptor and the T-Rex, but these monsters are not what people think. The raptor portrayed in the movie had been given a growth spurt thanks to Steven Speilberg, and the T-Rex was thought to be the biggest carnivore that ever walked the earth. This was found false. These are the six dinosaurs that put Jurassic Park to shame. 

6.) The Utahraptor

The Utahraptor belongs to the theropod dinosaur family Dromaeosauridae, and it lived around 124 million years ago. The sheer size of this Raptor was ridiculous. The beast could grow up to 23 feet long and weigh around 1,100 pounds. In other words, it made the velociraptor look like a cuddly kitten. There are some fossils that seem to show the Utahraptor growing up to 36 feet long. The Utahraptor was classified as an adolescent T-Rex for a while because scientists did not think raptors could be that big.

Man I am glad that meteor hit earth and killed those guys off.
5.) Tarchia 

No getting technical with the Tarchia. This monster has a battering ram for a tail. It’s just a really big turtle with spikes and a giant battering ram for a tail I cannot emphasis that enough that thing could literally bring down buildings. Let’s say that there’s a pinata and a little boy, this little boy has a sledge hammer, and that would be the equivalent of the Tarchia. Getting hit by that beast’s tail would be like getting hit with a 40 pound concrete block.

Advantage, Tarchia.

4.) Ceratosaurus

The Ceratosaurus does not sound very scary. Let’s see what it looks like.

For the love of Pete, why can there not be a cuddly dinosaur?

That was a very wrong assumption. The Ceratosaurus may just be the most terrifying thing that has ever existed. It literaly looks like a dragon. Any second now that thing will start breathing fire.

I will be moving to the moon now.

The Ceratosaurus could grow to 20 feet in length and had blade like teeth.Here’s a size comparison.

3.) Spinosaurus

Originally this spot was to be filled by the Giganotosaurus or the dinosaur who shunned the T-Rex. Then I ran across the Spinosaurus who blew both of them away.

I can not stress how much I love the meteor that hit earth.

Spiny was huge he grew to be between 41 and 59 feet in length and weighed between seven to 23 tons. The reason he was named Spinosaurus was because he had a large frill on his back that was around 5.4 feet tall. Spiny had a large head, teeth and legs. This monster could basically swallow a human whole and would not even have to pick his teeth.

This guy would do what nature made him to do; eat people with a smile on his face.

2.) Megalodon

The Megalodon was considered a shark, but he’s on this list for a reason he’s the dinosaur of sharks. The Great White Shark has been regarded as one of the most dangerous shark species on earth ever since “Jaws”. Now take that dangerous man eater and make it 52 feet long.

Which gives us this.

The Megalodon was the Spinosaurus of the ocean basically. This thing was horrifying. It ate sperm whales and could swallow a Great White whole. There are pictures all over the internet of people standing in the jaws of these massive water dwelling versions of Chuck Norris.

The Megalodon would eat people like I eat popcorn chicken.

1.) Amphicoelias Fragillimus

Imagine the eggs that thing would lay.

With a name that’s impossible to pronounce this giant made number one. Fragillimus was one of the biggest dinosaurs ever. Its femur was 12 feet tall, its neck was 55 feet long, its body was 30 feet long, and the tail was 105 feet long. The overall height (to the back arch) of Fragillimus was 30 feet which means that this giants head would be up to 80-85 feet off the ground. Standing next to it would be like standing next to a very large building.

People still marvel at the scene from Jurassic Park when Bruhathkayosaurus was first shown and the immense size was mind boggling. The only problem with that would be that Fragillimus dwarfs the Bruhathkayosaurus.

The red one’s Fragillimus and the grey one is Bruhathkayosaurus.

The most amazing thing after all of this may be that Bruhathkayosaurus is really spelled like that.