10 Ideas for Your Homecoming Mum

Homecoming mums are a Texas tradition.

Homecoming mums are a Texas tradition.

Like State, Like Tradition
The bigger the better; hair, pickup trucks, farms and ten gallon hats. Why stop there? Why not mums too? Use eight flowers instead of three and shape the whole mum like Texas. Be extravagant.

Do it yourself. If you’re terrible at crafts, ask your mom or your date’s mom to help you with it. Making it yourself creates an original look that no one else compares to.

Be Different
If you plan on using ribbon on your mum or garter, cut the ribbons different lengths and widths to give it a little bit of character. Not every ribbon needs to be the same size, color, pattern, or texture. Having a wide variety will help make it yours.

Picture Perfect
A great way to personalize your mum or garter would be adding pictures. Use a picture of you or your date or of you two together, and put it in the flower or hang it from a string. No one else will have a picture of you and your date, so this will ensure that yours looks ‘one of a kind’.

Bling It Up
Don’t make it boring. No one wants an all black mum, so add color. Add silver to an all-white mum to keep it interesting. Use a multi-colored flower, different colored ribbons or silver decorations to give it a little something extra.

Words of Advice
Use words on your ribbons. Buy sparkly red and silver letters to put on your ribbon. Put your name on one strand and your date’s name on another. Maybe even put your class or your graduating class.

Change the Tradition
If you make a mum or garter, you probably shop for the same ribbon and decorations everyone else uses. To keep yours different, use different fabrics to replace the basic ribbon.

Loop It Up
Rather than letting a chain or string of plastic stars hang straight down, attach the chain or string in two places behind the flower. Creating a loop will make something that not everyone has.

Not for Everyone
Some people don’t like the idea of walking around with extra weight of ribbon and decorations around their neck or on their arm. If you still want to show some school spirit but don’t feel like tripping over ribbon all day, make a mum ring. It shows spirit but in a less extravagant way.

Make It Yours
Mums and garters should express you and your interests. If you’re in band, put a music note on the flower or on the ribbon. You may keep the mum for a while. Make it about you.