Recap: Camp Flog Gnaw


Thomas writes about the performances and highlights at Camp Flog Gnaw

Micaih Thomas, Entertainment Editor

Since 2012, the rapper Tyler, the Creator has hosted his annual festival, Camp Flog Gnaw. This year’s lineup had a secret headliner. Everyone took to social media to share their assumptions and theories on who the mysterious headliner might be. All signs pointed toward Frank Ocean. This harmless assumption led to an insane fiasco at the end of the last night. Thanks to Twitch’s live stream of the festival, we were able to view the performances, crowds and clownery. Here are some highlights of our favorite moments of CFG.

Blood Orange 

Y’all know it wouldn’t feel like a concert unless Blood Orange attends. Ian Isiah and Eva graced the stage with their beautiful presence and honey-soaked vocal performance. They ushered the spirit of the Lord in with their infamous track, “Holy Will,” but His presence soon left once Da Baby took on the stage. 

Da Baby

The Cleveland based rapper, Da Baby, made the moshpit go crazy. In the pit, resided a bunch of kids with no shirts on, sweat on their bare backs and a bunch of white boys who sang the N-word. Pure hell. Apart from that, his set sounded great. 

Daniel Ceaser 

Surprisingly, Daniel Ceaser made an appearance. This past year, Caesar addressed the black community on Instagram. He called them out on their problematicness, and said, “[Black people] are being so mean to white people right now.” Even in the midst of his cancellation, his fans showed up and showed out for him. Ceasar’s performance sounded like pure bliss. 


This performer identifies as a black country goddess. She invented intelligence. She is a reincarnate of Rosa Parks. Yup, her name is Solange. Her set emulated a Sunday morning service- symmetry among every background dancer and horns that blare loud. When she sang “Almeda”, she stunted her Megan thee Stallion knees. 

Tyler, the Creator

Tyler ended the first night of CFG by doing his thing. He even went off on the crowd a little bit. He’s known for going off on his audience when they don’t give him enough energy. It’s weird because the audience sang along to all his songs, jumped up and down and gave him their attention. That makes me wonder if he has anger issues or if he is never content with a performance.


Drake: our light-skin king was the secret headliner. His appearance was met with backlash. He was booed off the stage. The audience expected Frank Ocean to make an appearance. Frank doesn’t like y’all. He was chilling at home kissing on his man. Next.