Lil Uzi Conspiracy

Micaih Thomas writes about theories centered around Lil Uzi

Micaih Thomas writes about theories centered around Lil Uzi

Micaih Thomas, Entertainment Editor

We’ve all heard the rumors. We’ve witnessed the bizarre satanic allusions in his music. Today, we will do a deep analysis of his public persona. Remember those Illuminati Youtube conspiracies? This is kind of like that except it’s more iconic and less morbid. 

Instagram profile pictures

At a certain point in time, Uzi had Marshall Applewhite, a cult leader, as his profile picture. Applewhite is best known for his mass suicide in 1978. He lured a collective of people into his cult, in hopes of fulfilling a “prophetic” mission. No one feels sure as to why Uzi made this man his profile picture, but it’s a giveaway to the fact that he is in cahoots with Satan. We rebuke that in Jesus’s name.

Y’all going to hell…

In 2018, the rapper took to social media and told everyone that if they listen to his music, they will go to hell. Like I told y’all earlier, [y’all] have entered the rapture. And if ain’t nobody flyin’ up to Heaven right now, obviously all Y’all going to hell – right with me. You already here, I’m so sorry. You can’t get out. You’re stuck. It’s over.” The fact that we remained fans after this man damned us to hell proves that we’re willing to give up our souls. Everyone, make sure to put a clown suit on. 


In Luv Is Rage 2, his song 444+222  is a dead giveaway he represents the devil. The song’s music video contains anime-esque imagery. The comical visuals provide a contrast to the eerie sound of the track. 

The drip is satanic

Come on, the fit goes crazy. Look at the material here. Actually, he looks so innocent here. He makes satanic worship look good — still evil, but good.