Library Resources to Make Life Easier

The library canvas page provides access to resources Ms. Pinkerton encourages students to use.

Photo by Screenshot from Canvas

The library canvas page provides access to resources Ms. Pinkerton encourages students to use.

Sarah Akande, Sports Editor

In light of this time of uncertainty, students still occupy themselves with schoolwork and complete assignments as due. In an attempt to help, Librarian Pamela Pinkerton created a Library Canvas Course filled with resources such as research databases, free e-books and audiobooks and more to aid students in distance learning. The library also posts free resources as often as they can on Twitter. Different sections of the Canvas course contain different resources available for various uses.

Home Page

The homepage of the Canvas Course includes access information to free ebooks and audiobooks that are available during the COVID-19 Shutdown.  This page links to Junior Library Guild, Audible Stories and MackinVIA ebooks and audiobooks, and login information (if needed) is on the Canvas Page. It also consists of public library access links that give information about how to apply for public library cards online and to gain access to more online ebooks.  

Database Resources Module 

This module gives students access to all of the database resources that they have year-round including Britannica, Salem Online, Churchill Archives, etc.  These resources will be accessed based on the assignment they are working on, but the librarians will provide their services upon contact. These databases use specific usernames and passwords only accessible through the course. 

Student Resources Module

These include websites that the library recommends for students to use to help with school work. It is comprised of research tools, citation tools, presentation tools and content-specific websites. Tools such as Purdue OWL and EasyBib aid in the education of MLA and APA citation formats and subject-specific links like CIA World Fact Book for geography.

Project Specific Resources Module

These links, videos and resources curated for specific class projects help with extra resources for class projects teachers assign annually.  When classes complete certain projects such as the English I Lord of the Flies project, they can make use of this module for the required information.

Research Videos Modules 

This incomplete new module will include general “how-to” videos on how to complete various research tasks, like using to cite sources or how to use a specific database. Since specific database resources generate specified data and information, this will guide easier research projects and papers.