The Year Of Nostalgic Fashion

Haley Olivarez poses for a picture in her favorite style of clothing.

Photo by Maija Miller

Haley Olivarez poses for a picture in her favorite style of clothing.

Evelyn Quiroz, Entertainment Editor

2020 became one of the most influential years for fashion as people moved out of their comfort zone and nostalgic trends like hair bandanas and platform boots returned. New additions emerged in the fashion scene, for senior Haley Olivarez 2020 fashion involved the creation of outfits from her thrifted jeans and Nike Air Force 1’s.

“I like to find different styles and make it all into one, [I know I found the right item to trift] when my mind fills with different ideas and ways I can style it,” Olivarez said,

Most of Olivarez’s clothing came from thrift stores where she sifted through clothing until she found pieces she could style in different ways. Pinterest fashion boards also influenced many of her outfit ideas.

“I don’t think I have a certain style, but I do really love gothic-romantic and grunge fashion,” Donathan said.

Donathan’s outfits followed a more alternative look. She styled her outfits with flowy trims and darker colors along with platforms or boots which added to the grunge look. Like past trends in fashion, Donathan took her inspiration from horror and fantasy movie aesthetics and costume design. 

“I think I dress pretty basic, but I do appreciate fashion. I like to have the freedom to dress how I like,” Donathan said.

Although Donathan does not hold a specific message behind her style, she still appreciated fashion. Like Olivarez, Donathan believed fashion should have freedom so her style changed every couple of weeks. 

“Being able to express yourself in different ways including style can be very refreshing and comforting,” Olivarez said.

To Olivarez fashion meant freedom of expression, as long as the outfits brought her confidence she dressed the way she wanted regardless of anyone’s opinion. 

“Don’t be afraid to be your own person, if you like [your style] then it shouldn’t matter what anyone else thinks,” Olivarez said.