Key Club Meets For The First Time This Year


Jordyn Folsom, Features Editor

Students sign in as they file into Ms. Teague’s dim-lit room. Algebra teacher Ms. Gross greets members of Key Club before they take their seats in the crowded room. President Camila Brown stands at the front of the room, ready to begin her presentation.

As soon as everyone sits down, Brown begins her presentation. She introduces the t-shirt design for the 2019-2020 year, which earns satisfied comments and cheers. Brown explains the small changes she plans to make in the design, then she moves on to talk about the recycling committee.

“We go to classrooms during lunch, advisory or before or after school,” Brown told the crowd. “We also have the haunted house auditions,” she added as an afterthought.

Key Club will assist Mansfield in their haunted downtown ghost tours for Halloween. Brown explains that volunteers must audition before they can participate. Then she reminds everyone about bingo at the nursing home.

“We want to honor a man who just passed away and the bingo night was his thing. He kind of ran it so this is to honor him,” Brown told everyone.

Students nod and ask for more information. Several students seem eager to participate in bingo.

Juniors Hannah Brantley and Caroline Brown step up front to reveal the charity fundraiser members voted for at the last meeting. The club chose Socks for School. The club plans to sell socks to raise money for a child in Africa to attend school for a year.

“We will start at the end of October. Last year we sold $1,400 worth, and we need 105 packages to send him to school. Anything beyond that is a fundraiser for us,” Ms. Gross added.

Before everyone can leave, Brantley asks them to gather for a photo.

“Make sure you signed in before you leave,” Ms. Gross said. Everyone filed out of the room.