Apple News: What’s new for your iPhone, more


Blake Hinerman, Staff Writer

If you missed today’s Apple Special Event, here’s some of the quick highlights. 

HomePod Mini
At $99, the HomePod Mini enters the race as a strong competitor with the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. It presents a unique interface with different Apple products, including things like command to text, call, or provide directions to a point, as well as ‘Intercom’ which allows you to speak to everyone in the house, all at once. 

iPhone 12
5G. It’s here. With squared edges mimicking the design of the iPhone 5, the iPhone 12 comes in 11% thinner than that of the iPhone 11. 5G wireless was introduced to make your experience with iPhone more seamless and faster than ever before. Wireless charging will be enhanced with a MagSafe charger, just like the MacBook. It provides a faster and more guaranteed wireless connection, as well as several new accessories. USB-C replaces the lightning port. Starting at $799.

iPhone 12 Mini
Similarly to the iPhone 12, Apple released the smallest, most refined experience ever, in the palm of your hand. The new 4K video and low-light recording and photography capabilities are better than ever before. Starting at $699.

iPhone 12 Pro
Larger than the iPhone 12 and 12 Mini, the Pro returns with 4 cameras. It introduces the new gold coloring, new to iPhone, and all competitors. The shape of the pro is almost identical to the iPhone 12, but it performs better than ever before. Image processing is improved, and fine-tunes every picture, finding the best detail in every single picture. The Pro is to be offered in a Pro (6.5”) and Pro Max (6.7”) options, with gold, white, black, and new Pacific Blue. Starting at $999.