Special Report: L.U.C.K. Week Exceeds $10K for Olivia


L.U.C.K Week ended with over $15,000 raised for Olivia Nolley’s medical expenses and a promise of Taylor Swift tickets for Olivia provided by KLUV radio station. Although STUCO exceeded their goal, they will sell the purple “Olivia” bracelets for two dollars when they come in.


“I think our campus did a phenomenal job raising money,” Teen Leadership teacher Dena Schimming said, “but more importantly they made Olivia feel like a rock star.”

When senior Caitlin Carpenter found out Olivia liked the Cowboys she decided to use her connections through her mother’s boyfriend, Manny, to get a couple football players at the pep rally. Manny plays professional golf and also gives Miles Austin golf lessons.

“When I found out Keith Davis was going to be there I was so excited,” Carpenter said, “but I really just wanted Olivia to be happy.”  [continue reading]  [watch sound slide ]

Who Is Olivia Nolley?

Olivia Nolley listens to Taylor Swift like most other eleven-year-old girls. Like most other girls, Olivia Nolley dreams of meeting her favorite pop star someday. But unlike most other girls, Olivia Nolley has been diagnosed with an incurable cancer.

Student Council began planning and promoting L.U.C.K. (Legacy Uniting through Caring and Kindness) week for, February 16 through the 19. The four day fund-raising week will sponsor Olivia Nolley, a fifth-grader who has been diagnosed with Ana plastic Astrocytoma , a malignant cancer.

“More than anything L.U.C.K. Week started as raising money,” Student Council sponsor Dena Schimming said, “but what it’s turned into is trying to help this little cancer patient fifth-grader feel like a rock star. It’s not me that’s doing that; it’s the teenagers on this campus.”  [continue reading]  [watch video ]

L.U.C.K. Week Events to Raise Money

L.U.C.K. (Legacy Uniting through Caring and Kindness) week starts on Feb. 11 at Double Dave’s and ends on Feb. 19 at Olivia Nolley’s pep rally in the varsity gym. During the week, different clubs will host events and fundraisers to alleviate the hardship of Olivia’s medical expenses.

“I think it’s a wonderful cause,” book club sponsor Mrs. Villarreal said. “The whole school pulling together for a cause like this is amazing, and I think it’s great that each club has their own different way of approaching it.”  [continue reading]  [watch video ]

Mr. and Miss LHS Pageant

Ceci Canelos gazes into Spencer Basham’s eyes as their hands come together. The  Glee rendition of “Don’t Stop Believin’” roars from the speakers of Mrs. Schimming’s computer. Canelos does a spin as the curly haired Basham watches, trying to figure out the lyrics. But when the girl in the song starts to sing, Basham dramatically points to an invisible crowd and mouths the words, almost perfectly in sync.

Canelos and Basham rehearse all of these moves for the talent portion of Mr/Miss LHS, a pageant benefitting L.U.C.K. Week. Fourteen boys and their escorts compete for the title of Miss LHS and $50.  [continue reading]

The Rider Online’s Thoughts About Luck Week

Legacy United through Caring and Kindness, a.k.a. LUCK week (though we think it should be LUtCaK) starts next week. In an amazing display of, you guessed it, caring and kindness, the Legacy students and faculty hope to raise $10,000 to help with Olivia Nolley’s medical bills. We hope everyone gets involved in LUCK week, because even the smallest donations add up. [Continue Reading]