Mansfield Fire Rescue Raises Money Through Hold It 430


Ben Townsend

Mansfield Firefighters invite citizens to “Hold it 430” to raise money for a new Air Light Truck

The Mansfield Citizens Fire Academy Alumni Association, an organization established in 2005 to support and raise funds toward non-budgeted items for the Mansfield Fire Rescue, have been trying to raise money to provide them with an Air Light Truck by starting the campaign Hold It 430.

The Air Light Truck, valued at $450,000, provides large amounts of light and can refill air tanks on scene. It also holds equipment and medical care to keep them healthy and hydrated during a fire, and would be run by volunteers so the firefighters are able to completely focus on their job.

The campaign is designed to raise awareness of what a firefighter feels like when his tank is running out of air. The website directs you to hold your breath for 30 seconds while doing a “strenuous” activity. After that it asks you to donate $30 to their PayPal account, which currently has around $11,000, before challenging a friend +or family member to do the same.

Donald McLaughlin, who has been with the Mansfield Fire Rescue for 3 years, fully supports this cause.

“Right now there’s a rehab truck which has water and stuff to help us rehydrate and a separate air truck on the other side of the city, and we rely on the citizens to help us bring them together,” McLaughlin said. “This would enable them to have one person man the truck.”