Coach Carter Leaves Legacy at Semester

After two and a half years at Legacy, JV Silver Spurs director Shelby Carter will leave at semester to work at Granbury High School as their head director.

“Going into teaching I always wanted to be a head director, so that was my goal,” Ms. Carter said. “Also, Granbury is close to where I want to build a family, and it’s near my hometown.”

Granbury High School’s administration contacted Ms. Carter contacted after their director left for personal reasons. They knew she lived in the area and a JV director, so they offered her a job. After accepting, she signed her contract on Dec. 5.

“Obviously I’m going to miss all the girls, and I’m going to miss Parlin,” Ms. Carter said. “It’s been an honor to work with her; she’s amazing. I’ll miss all the other teachers, coworkers, admin. I’ll miss the people.”

Silver Spurs Director Brooke Parlin will help to look for a replacement. Legacy posted the job online and a replacement is expected by January.

“I’m going to miss her asking me the how to my what,” Parlin said. “She’s a detail girl, and I’m a big picture girl. We work well together.”

At Granbury, Ms. Carter will teach dance one through four along with two middle school classes and a varsity team. Carter leaves thankful for her experience at Legacy and that it has taught her a lot professionally, as a teacher and as a director.

“If you love your job then you are not working and that’s how I feel when I come here,” Ms. Carter said. “I love my job, and it’s an honor every day to come.”