Students Compete in Battle of the Classes

Students Compete in Battle of the Classes

Graphic made by Canva

Legacy StuCo will host the Battle of the Classes from Oct 28 to Nov 1 to boost school spirit across the campus. StuCo will award points to the classes throughout the week to win the Spirit Stick during the pep rally on Nov 1. 

“[Battle of the Classes] is to increase school spirit, we want everybody to feel like a bronco,” Student Body President Major Melson said. “It’s just fun to compete with all the other classes.”


First Responders day: Dress as your favorite superhero. Bring snacks to donate to local first responders. The class that brings the most snacks wins the points.

Freshmen: Refreshing Snacks

Sophomores: Salty Snacks

Juniors: Crunchy Snacks

Seniors: Sweet Snacks


Neon day: StuCo will host a Just Dance competition during lunch. Each winner will get points for their class.


Tik Tok Day: Freshmen and Sophomores dress as VSCO girls and boys, and Juniors and Seniors dress as E-boys and E-girls. Chick-fil-A will host a Spirit Night and the class with the most visits wins points for their class.


Spooky day: Wear your Halloween costume to school and enter the costume contest. Winners receive points for their class.


Class Pride day: Wear your class colors and there will be a pep rally.

Seniors: Black

Juniors: Red

Sophomores: White

Freshmen: Gray