Students Compete in Battle of the Classes

Legacy StuCo will host the Battle of the Classes from Oct 28 to Nov 1 to boost school spirit across the campus. StuCo will award points to the classes throughout the week to win the Spirit Stick during the pep rally on Nov 1. 

“[Battle of the Classes] is to increase school spirit, we want everybody to feel like a bronco,” Student Body President Major Melson said. “It’s just fun to compete with all the other classes.”


First Responders day: Dress as your favorite superhero. Bring snacks to donate to local first responders. The class that brings the most snacks wins the points.

Freshmen: Refreshing Snacks

Sophomores: Salty Snacks

Juniors: Crunchy Snacks

Seniors: Sweet Snacks


Neon day: StuCo will host a Just Dance competition during lunch. Each winner will get points for their class.


Tik Tok Day: Freshmen and Sophomores dress as VSCO girls and boys, and Juniors and Seniors dress as E-boys and E-girls. Chick-fil-A will host a Spirit Night and the class with the most visits wins points for their class.


Spooky day: Wear your Halloween costume to school and enter the costume contest. Winners receive points for their class.


Class Pride day: Wear your class colors and there will be a pep rally.

Seniors: Black

Juniors: Red

Sophomores: White

Freshmen: Gray