Teacher Plans Annual Calculus Brunch


Courtesy Photo

AP Calculus teacher Sarah Kamphaus will host the annual AP Calculus Alumni Brunch for current and former students on Jan. 10 from 9 to 10:30 a.m. Food will be provided by current students and Mrs. Kamphaus hopes alumni will motivate them as they head into the second semester.

“Especially mid-year, kinda in a slump here, we’ve gotta get to the end of the year and senioritis is starting to set in,” Mrs. Kamphaus said. “They usually have good stories about how [calculus] helped them so it encourages the people that are here.”  

This is the seventh year for the brunch. All alumni of Mrs. Kamphaus’ AP class are welcome to partake in the brunch and to discuss their stories of life after high school.

“I want some of my students to hear from alumni how calculus helped them or didn’t help them and how college is,” Mrs. Kamphaus said.