For the Love of Story-Telling: Two Students Begin Book Club

Abigail Morris, Staff Writer

Thirteen students gathered in English Teacher Danielle Panzarella’s classroom after school on Sept. 9 for the first meeting of the formed book club. The group played games and discussed the book ‘That’s NOT What Happened’ by Kody Keplinger.

“Don’t get me wrong, as an English teacher I really believe in the power of analyzing a text,” Panzarella said. “But as a book lover, I also believe in the power of just soaking in a good story and then talking about it with people who may have a totally different perspective on the book.”

Sadie Wilson and Zeina Halili had the idea for the book club at the end of last year. They discussed the plan with Panzarella over the summer and put the word out via posters and social media.

“The book community is far and wide, but it’s hard to find people who love to read like I do.” Wilson said. “I thought of the book club as a way to connect with those people at Legacy.”

After getting the club approved by Principal Dr. Shelly Butler, they picked out seven books in different genres to read throughout the year.

“Not everyone likes the same type of books,” Wilson said. “This way everyone can eventually read something they enjoy and still explore.”

The club meets in A-Y311 after school on Thursdays. Students don’t have to read the book. They need to like a good story.

“I think reading is always beneficial, but a lot of us have forgotten what it is like to read for fun.” Panzarella said. “I hope our book club gives people a chance to remember is both fun and a valuable part of how we learn about the world around us.”