11 Legacy Students Awarded by College Board


Photo by Reese Mallett

11 students were awarded by College Board for their excellence in various tests hosted by the College Board.

Abigail Morris, News Editor

The College Board National Recognition Programs awarded 11 Legacy students for their high scores on tests. Students across the nation received National African American, Hispanic, Indigenous, or Rural/Small Town Recognition awards. Winners can use the awards to find success on college applications and for scholarships.

These academic honors go to underrepresented students who have a GPA of at least 3.5 along with high PSAT and AP exam scores.

Ares Hiatt – NHRA
Asha Pimental-Reyes – NHRA
Braylen Smith – NAARA
Daniela Aguayo Rivera – NHRA
Dominic Deleon – NHRA
Giselle Del Angel – NHRA
Jose Serrato – NHRA
Kamron Clark – NAARA
Nicholas Romero – NHRA
Yaretzi Hernandez – NHRA

“I’m very proud of myself for what I’ve accomplished,” junior Arnoldo Chavez said. “I’m happy to be represented, not only academically but because of my background.”