Art Teachers to Host Mum Workshop Oct. 4, 5


Photo by Maija Miller

Ms. Dietrich and Veselka will host a mum making workshop Oct. 4 and 5 for students to learn to create a mum and to ease the financial burden. [File Photo]

Abigail Morris, News Editor

After learning how to make a mum for her son’s homecoming game, Ms. Pamela Dietrich began planning an after-school workshop for students who can’t afford or don’t know how to make mums or garters. The workshop will be after school Oct. 4 and 5. 

“It’s hard to do if you’ve never done it,” Ms. Dietrich said. “I just thought that [a workshop] would be cool for people who can’t afford it or just want to supplement what they’ve already got.”

Ms. Dietrich used her Facebook page to advertise the workshop. Six people donated their old mums, including a Legacy alumna who gave all four of her mums. 

“That will be cool because they’re already made,” Ms. Dietrich said. “We can cut those apart, or if someone likes it just how it is then maybe we can donate it to someone who really can’t afford it at all.”

A friend of Ms. Dietrich’s will help teach the students how to braid the ribbon, and Art Teacher Ms. Amy Veselka will help lead the workshop. 

“Materials are expensive even if you make your own mum,” Ms. Veselka said. “Ms. Dietrich has received donated items that can help supplement materials that can allow students to create a mum without breaking the bank.”

Ms. Dietrich and Ms. Veselka also received donated ribbon from parents and students. Students who don’t need the workshop can continue to help by donating supplies or attending the workshop to help teach their classmates. 

“I hope to continue into future years,” Ms. Dietrich said. “I can’t afford to do it by myself, but if people keep donating stuff that would be awesome.”

For now, the workshop is only two days in room N105 until around 6 p.m., but it could extend depending on how much time the students need. 

“I think it will be cool to have everybody that maybe doesn’t know each other just come in here and work together,” Ms. Dietrich said. “We can all help each other and if they have extra supplies they can give those to somebody else that needs them. They can make some new friends and learn how to make mums.”