Opinion: The Time’s Up Campaign is Overdue

Katherine Powell voices her opinion on the Time's Up Campaign.

Graphic by Katherine Powell

Katherine Powell voices her opinion on the Time's Up Campaign.

Katherine Powell, Entertainment Editor

You’ve seen it all over the headlines the past few months, you’ve seen Hollywood’s biggest stars speak out, you’ve also seen some of Hollywood’s biggest stars exposed for their disgraceful behavior. Why now? Why are we just now addressing a problem that should’ve been addressed a long time ago?

After dozens of allegations of sexual misconduct against Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K. and so many more, Hollywood finally realized enough is enough. Stars wore all black at the Golden Globes to stand in solitude against sexual harassment and wore Time’s Up pins. The whole award show was about the campaign to stop sexual harassment. The issue will most likely be addressed at the Oscars as well.

The Time’s Up campaign helps people who have experienced sexual misconduct of any kind in the workplace. Stars have continued to speak out in support of the campaign and have given generous donations to the campaign fund.

As a young woman, I think this movement is extremely important, but way overdue. This has been going on for decades, and just now in 2018, people want a change. What really infuriates me is these stars are now speaking out saying, “time is up,” but where were they five or ten years ago when this was just as important of an issue? We’ve lived in a society where these allegations have become the new norm, even our president has faced these allegations. By not condemning this behavior right away, we’re saying it’s acceptable to act this way.

The “Me Too” movement also spread among Hollywood and within the country. It was disheartening and frightening to see so many women come forward saying they have experienced sexual harassment, or sexual assault. It made the problem seem so much more real. If you don’t believe sexual assault is a growing epidemic in our society, then you need to wake up.

While more allegations against stars have come out in the past year, sexual misconduct allegations have been reported before. It just seems like all of Hollywood suddenly cares about this, only because these stars have been completely exposed for the horrible things they’ve done.

I understand sexual harassment and assault can be uncomfortable to talk about, but the more we, as a society, talk about it the more awareness raised. Time is up, but it should’ve been up decades ago.

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