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Covering the Bronco Nation.

The Rider Online | Legacy HS Student Media

Covering the Bronco Nation.

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Each year, the inevitable dread of waking up early in the morn’ and stressing over homework greets students. In an effort to understand how teachers feel about coming back to school, teachers commented on how they feel about summer ending.

Administrator, Marcia Lass
“I’m excited because I love to see the kids. We get annoyed with the kids, but I love the start of school.”

Art teacher, Shane Skinner
“I’m excited to see what’s going to happen this year. New fresh faces, minds, and ways to look at things.”

Art teacher, Amy Veselka
“I’m bummed because I can’t sleep in. I’m excited. I already have my AP classes planned for the whole year.”

Art teacher, Pam Dietrich
“I’m ecstatic, {but} I hate immaturity and iPhones.”  

Custodians, Maria Sanchez, Judith Santos, Josefina Balderas
“We are ready!”

Mr. Rangel
“We’re coming to do our jobs. Set the example and be the role model.”

FCS teacher, Christine Taylor
“It’s a short summer, but right now I’m trying to hurry up and get ready.”

FCS teacher, Dawn Groves
“I’m ready, {except for} paperwork and grading.”

Debate teacher, Howard Ritz
“I’m excited. I wake up at 5 am anyway. Students are the reason I wake up in the morning.”

Professional Communications teacher, Jerry Wyatt
“I love routine so it’s harder to get back. I’m one of those different ones that wants to go to school year round. I want my students to learn the importance of effective communication.”

Spanish teacher, Pedro Ortega
“Excited, but at the same time, stressed. It’s more the administrative stuff we have to do. {This summer, I went to} El Salvador, we did a tour called the seven waterfall tour. I went to a volcano too.”

Social Studies teacher, Gregory Owens
“I’m excited. I cannot do the 10 weeks of summer. I got bored. I’m excited about coaching.”

Government/ Economics teacher, Craig Rabalais
“I went to Deadwood, French Quarter and then when you ran out of money, you watch the same stuff. I’m sick of the commercials, man. There’s so many commercials. I need some change.”

Math teacher, Cheyney Crook
“I’m ready to meet some new kids. It’s like a whole new fresh set of kids.”

English teacher, Ashley Black
“I’m nervous, but I’m excited to start a new chapter. Excited to meet the kids.”

English teacher, Danielle Panzarella
“I’m kind of excited. I get bored during the summer. I’m excited to see everybody.”

Math teacher,  Stephanie Temple
“I’m nervous about maternity leave. I hate being gone from my students that long.”

AP Biology, Donna Kercher
“I was getting bored. I’m excited cuz I have a new subject to teach.”

Administration, Janet Manning
“I needed more time off. I didn’t get to do everything I wanted to do this summer. I hate having to get up early. I love staying up at night and sleeping late in the morning.”

Administrator, Janice Hawkins
“The first day madness, I’m not excited about.”

History teacher, Shelene Anderson
“My summer was too short and I’m all stressed out. I’m excited about fall.”

Administrator, Ketura Madison
“I’m excited. It’s new beginnings to me. It’s a new school, but what I do isn’t new.”

Administration, Misti Houston
“New faces, making new friends. Getting to know the seniors.”

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