Trump’s Border Wall Promises Continue To Fall Short


Photo by Radek Homola on Unsplash

Since Donald Trump’s election he’s promised America he would build a wall along the Mexico and U.S. border. Trump plans to use $7.2 billion more of the military construction projects as well as counternarcotics funding to finish the rest of the 885 miles of fence. The wall is estimated to be done by spring 2022. 

With re-elections up soon Trump needs the re-election to go in his favor to oversee his wall construction completed. Considering most people haven’t remained happy with the way Trump has handled his presidency he’s less likely to go on as president.

Trump claims the wall will stop illegal crossings, crime, narcotics trafficking, and terrorism and although it might stop some of the illegal drugs that come in the country it won’t completely stop it. The wall wouldn’t solve all these problems and might not solve them at all. Trump’s wall is not very practical and easy to get past by digging underneath or using a ladder. 

Trump’s administration has highlighted terrorists come through the border but not one terrorist act has been linked to anyone who has crossed the border. Most drugs that come to America don’t come through the borders they mostly come from ship ports. The administration’s claim that immigrants are criminals isn’t true, the immigrant crime rate is lower than native-born Americans

More families than ever have traveled to America to get across the border because of the wall being built. People wouldn’t have to illegally cross if it didn’t take over a year to become a citizen in the U.S. People cross to escape violence, crime and poverty. These people can’t wait over a year for them to get granted access to our country.

If Trump could use this money to create a solution to the overwhelmed and aged system to get into this country we wouldn’t have to spend nearly as much money on a wall that will just cause a barrier between the U.S. and Mexico.

Ninety-five percent of the land on the Texas and Mexico border is privately owned. To build the wall Trump will have to take land from farmers, ranchers, entrepreneurs, and deeply-rooted Hispanic families. 

Trump’s decision to build the wall on hard-working Americans’ land shows he’s not concerned about his country’s people and more about putting a bandaid on a problem. Using other people’s land to build a useless wall really shows he doesn’t care. 

Trump’s use of money toward the wall should be redirected toward something that won’t temporarily fix a problem. Checking more ship ports for drugs and employing more people or creating easier requirements to get in the U.S. can speed up the immigration process so people don’t have to resort to illegally crossing the border.