Samantha Rogers

Madison Mondon

Sophomore Samantha Rogers jams out to her iPod before every softball game with her best friend Alyssa, preparing for another win.

“Softball keeps me focused and it gives me something to do. It makes me set high goals for myself. I love the bond that I have with my teammates. Through softball I met my best friend Alyssa.”

My best friend
“My best friend Alyssa is my BFFFFFL. She is the only person I can trust. I can tell her absolutely anything and she wouldn’t tell anyone. Whenever I’m with her, we act crazy and do the most random things. We are our select softball team’s entertainment, but the coaches keep us separated because we’re always up to something.”

“My iPod is my baby. I listen to music 24/7. It has Internet on it so it is like facebook and music all in one. It is amazing.”

“Without God, my life is nothing. Eighth grade is when I became close to him [God] and it changed my perspective on everything. I put him first in anything and everything I do.”