Caleb Jones

Madison Mondon

After five days at church camp, freshman Caleb Jones has transformed into a completely different person. Jones has discovered God and what he wants to be when he gets older, a youth minister.

“I want to be a youth minister. God called me to do that over the summer while I was at youth camp. I was overwhelmed by Him and His love and it was kind of scary because He was just calling me to be a youth minister and I was shaking.”

“My family has always been there for me and I can go to them for anything. My sister is a really strong Christian and she has helped so much.”

“School is the where I go to meet new people, learn, and play football. it is nice to come and see all of my friends and make new ones.”

“Friends are there for me so I can just hang out with them. They help me get away from all of the stress from school.”