Laura Torres

Madison Mondon, Staff Writer

Junior Laura Torres steps onto the field, mentally preparing herself for the game. With the bright lights all around and the cheering crowd in her ears, Torres prepares for a win.

Best friends
“Elizabeth and Dylan are my best friends. Even though Dylan is my boyfriend he is still my best friend. If I was stranded on an island with them it would be good because Dylan has the muscles, Elizabeth has the brains and I would just be there. Elizabeth and I have been friends since pre-k. One time when we were little, we were playing with those little toy computers and I got mad so I smashed her fingers in it, but we got over it. We never fought for more than two hours.”

“I’ve been playing soccer since second grade. Elizabeth was the one that got me hooked on soccer. We weren’t put on the same team but it was all good because her team stunk. I’ve been playing club soccer since fifth grade for Polaris and now I’m captain. I like the adrenaline rush you get when you’re playing, but I hate listening to the parents. They’re so rude.”

My Mother
“My mom is always there for me. I can go to her for advice when I’m angry and I can just release all of my frustration. One of my favorite times with my mom was when we went to the Cedar Hill Mall on Black Friday. There was a radio station there and they were doing a contest so she signed me up for it and I got a call saying that I won a hundred dollars. She was also the best PTA mom. She made all of our school functions legit.”

Clothes and Jewelry
“I have a ton of clothes and jewelry! I have shoes in every single color and I love sandals. I use to be a flip flop person, but now I’m all sandals. My favorite piece of jewelry is the ring Dylan got me for my birthday.”