It Took A Decade

Lashaune Lunford, 12, sets up a play in a district game against Lancaster.

Megan Bell

Lashaune Lunford, 12, sets up a play in a district game against Lancaster.

Changing the course of history has been a common trend for Legacy sports this year. For years, Lancaster dominated district in basketball ultimately winning the Boys 5A State Championship two years in a row since 2014. For a decade straight, Summit always happened to slip the victory over Legacy, whether it was on the field or on the hardwood. By crushing school records, heightening playoff success and upsetting the number one basketball team in the state, the athletes of the 2016-2017 seasons have established new traditions, and this list recognizes some of those.

Boys Basketball vs Summit-
Legacy’s first encountering with Summit during the Spring Creek Tournament in early December of 2016 was a pure battle. The game was close going into halftime, but the Jaguars turned it up a notch and began to knock down shot after shot. Legacy lost 69-85. This first matchup boosted Summit’s confidence entering district play, and they planned on crushing the Broncos early on in the second match-up — especially at their home. The Broncos maintained focus like they had all season and treated it as another big game. Summit struggled to get a shot off in the beginning in the first half, and this was the trend for most of the game. Late in the third quarter, Legacy went on a rampant run with multiple steals, layups and three-pointers falling stretching the gap for Summit. The Broncos won 75-59 at Summit and finally put an end to a nine-year streak.

Football vs Summit
Before the game, the football team knew they had a chance to make school history. They had a chance to be the first team to ever defeat Summit. The Broncos were hungry and wanted to make a statement and beat Summit. Legacy’s offense racked up 435 yards and scored six touchdowns, three rushing and three passing. The Legacy defense gave up 333 yards, but it was enough to fend off the Jaguars from winning. Kyle Pruitt had one interception and Jalen Catalon had one forced fumble. With the final score of 42-31, Legacy won the match-up for the first time since the school’s opening in 2007.

Boys Basketball vs Lancaster-
Entering the game, the Broncos’ defense was impenetrable allowing Lancaster players to start off cold in the first half. Only down by two points and going into the second half, the Broncos knew they were still in the game. Being down at the half and coming back to win had happened in previous games, so they kept their confidence and composure by staying focused and sticking to the game plan the entire night. In the final minutes of the fourth quarter, Lancaster began to panic and drifted away from team basketball. Their turnovers increased, and Legacy’s momentum was strong into the final seconds. The game ended with Brandon Reeves finishing a dunk after the buzzer — that didn’t count — and the Broncos beat the defending champs 51-43 at home.

Football Makes 4th Round
On Friday, Dec. 2 the Legacy Broncos played Highland Park in round four of the class 5A playoffs. Late in the second quarter, Highland Park scored on a 15-yard touchdown pass from John Stephen Jones to Paxton Alexander, the Scots go up 7-0. With five minutes and 32 seconds remaining in the 3rd quarter, Jones and Alexander hooked up again for a 25-yard touchdown pass to put the Scots up 14-0. Near the start of the fourth quarter, the Broncos finally put up points on a 17-yard pass from Kendall Catalon to Keaton Dennis. The Scots get the ball again, but they end up punting to the Broncos, giving them one more chance to tie the game. However, Legacy drives down to Highland Park’s seven-yard line and comes up short on fourth down. They lost 14-7 to the future state champions, Highland Park. Offensively, the team combined for 237 yards and scored one touchdown — Kendall Catalon pass to Keaton Dennis. On the defensive side, the Broncos only gave up 219 yards to the Scots and had two interceptions both by Jalen Catalon.