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Rachel Dearinger
My name is Rachel Dearinger and I’m crazy — not a lot but a little. You see I teach high school. You have to be crazy to willingly return to high school after you’ve graduated. My journalism story all started in high school when I decided basketball really wasn’t for me. Yearbook sounded fun. It was and so much more. It helped shape who and where I am today. Really, I’m a journalism nerd. I’ve done something related to journalism since my freshman year of high school. I even met my husband while working on yearbook staff in college. Cheesy, I know. Like I said — nerd. I worked at a newspaper before becoming a teacher. I know that experience makes me a better teacher and citizen. Some students call me the Copyright Queen. I think that’s a compliment. I follow the rules whatever they are. I guess that’s just how I was raised. This is my tenth year teaching and my fourth at Legacy. I spend my days with awesome students and help in any way I can to make Legacy Student Media better. Mostly I keep Mallett from forgetting where he left his papers. [email protected]

Rachel Dearinger, Adviser