Snailer Nets Wins for Tennis Team


Nick Gross, Sports Editor

Junior Brandon Snailer ran out onto the court for the first time after his match. His first match was also his first loss. He looks back to see the rest of his team cheering him on.

The junior decided to play tennis because he had always played outside of school with his friends, and he wanted to finally get onto a team.

“I never really had anyone teach me, I thought I would just join to get better,” Snailer said.

With a record of 5-1, Snailer has only lost one match on the team. He currently holds a record of 3-0 in singles and 2-1 in doubles.

“[The first time] I felt nervous,” Snailer said. “I’d never played competitively before.”

Snailer had only played for fun before. Before his first doubles match, he had never played competitively before. After that first match, Coach Redwine jogged over to Snailer. He wasn’t mad or upset but instead just wanted to encourage him.

“The coach came and picked me up, and I’ve won every match since then,” Snailer said.

On Wed, Sept. 7, the match up between Legacy and Cedar Hill, Snailer played one doubles match and two singles. In the doubles he scored 2-8, and in singles were 3-8 and 2-6, winning all three of them.

“Even the coaches say that I’ve improved in the month I’ve played,” Snailer said.

After every loss or win the coaches will go up to the players reassuring them if they lost, and congratulating them if they won. During every match the coaches are always there cheering on their athletes.

“They care a lot more about the players than they care about the win,” Snailer said.

The JV team as a whole this year has won all their games that they’ve played. They started the year off very well, and they look to continue their year just the same. For more stats visit