2011 Bond Voting Begins


Andy Heuer, Staff Writer

Each year, schools in the Mansfield Independent School District receive renovations. Such renovations include a district-wide technology upgrade and the building of Lake Ridge High School. In Aug. 2011, the Mansfield ISD Board of Trustees proposed a $198,530,000 school bond. The bond package would affect every school in the district, ranging from the simple addition of campus-wide wireless capabilities and security to all schools to adding a new gymnasium to Mansfield and Summit High Schools to completely rebuilding the five oldest elementary schools up to district standards. 

Legacy, being the newest high school in the district, will not receive such drastic renovations. With only a little over one million dollars allotted to Legacy, increased security, including new cameras in the stairwells and access control in the front lobby, are the main focus on campus.
“Most of [the cameras] are in the cafeteria,” Mrs. Englert said, “It would add some to the lobby and the stairwells.”
Beginning with the exterior doors, scan keys will take the place of regular keys.
“Were a key to get into the wrong hands, it would take over $50,000 to re-key the entire school,” said Mr. Wright.

Two of the elementary schools, J.L. Boren and Glenn Harmon, would cost more to renovate than tear down and rebuild. Though rebuilding the other three, Charlotte Anderson, Alice Ponder and Tarver-Rendon would not exceed the cost of renovations, the construction industry recommends a complete replacement.

The three intermediate schools that will receive the biggest upgrades are Mary Orr, Cross Timbers, and Donna Shepard.  A second band hall be constructed at both Mary Orr and Cross Timbers, as well as the addition of acoustic panels in the gym and an irrigation system for the play areas. Donna Shepard will receive a new sidewalk connected to the nearby Gertie Barrett Road. All three campuses will get upgrades to sidewalks and foundations, new carpeting and new air conditioning upgrades.

TA Howard, Brooks Wester and Rogene Worley are the focus for the middle schools. Howard will get re-sodded and re-graded. A kitchenette, toilet, laundry and storage in the FALS classroom. Wester will get a masonry upgrade, along with other renovations ranging from
the installation of new gutters to locker room upgrades and converting an annex into a new room for the incoming orchestra program. Worley will get the most upgrades including an expanded weight room, renovated shower areas, a new walk in freezer area and flooring in the kitchen. All three schools will be updated for handicap accessibility and compliance.

High School
Mansfield and Summit high will both get new, updated gymnasium and concession areas and other minor renovations. Timberview will also get minor renovations.
Voting runs from Oct. 24 through Nov. 8 and is open to anyone within the parameters of the Mansfield Independent School District. A list of precincts can be found here.