Parrish Golfing for Halloween


Nick Gross, Sports Editor

Senior, and number one ranked athlete on the golf team, Payden Parrish lines up his shot. Usually this would just be another normal day out on the course, except right now it’s nighttime. Glow sticks light up the course, and the ball glows. The NightRyder Fundraiser was about to end.

“I like it,” Parrish said. “Even though I’m a senior I’ll be back again next year to play.”

The fundraiser was set up by Wendy Sardella in order for the golf team to have the necessary funds to go on their trips to other golf courses, one of these being the Halloween in the Hill Country Tournament at Horseshoe Bay Resort on Oct. 28. Sardella started this fundraiser so the golf team could spend their time playing the sport they are in while raising money at the same time. The athletes play nine holes during the daytime, then go in and eat dinner. When they return to the course it’s already dark outside, and this is when they break out the glow sticks and  balls.

“She started this tournament with the idea to raise money without selling cookies and pointless stuff,” Parrish said.

Currently the golf team is in the qualifying stage for the Halloween in the Hill Country Tournament. Parrish played well enough at his last tournament to exempt him from competing in this qualifying round, as he has a guaranteed spot in the tournament.

“I feel good about it,” Parrish said. “I hold the lowest two day total of 149, so I’m looking forward to it.”

On Fri. Oct. 28, Parrish as well as the Varsity Golf Team will head to Horseshoe Bay Resort to compete in the tournament.

“The team is also doing well,” Parrish said. “I feel like we have a strong varsity and will have a chance at winning our upcoming tournament.”