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UEFA Euros Tournament Predictions
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Rose Watch: Week Three

The Bachelors 21st season airs on ABC every Monday at 8/7c
The Bachelor’s 21st season airs on ABC every Monday at 8/7c


Here’s the second and first week of Rose Watch in case you missed it

Welcome again to another exciting week of ABC’s The Bachelor. Did you want to turn the TV off? We did.

After a week of drama, more white wine and more drama, we start immediately after the end of last week’s episode, with Nick having to explain the relationship between him and Liz. The girls seemed to not care, which, for Nick’s sake, is probably for the best. The episode has the rose ceremony very early on, and more women leave who we’ve never seen before. Like last week, Nick kicks off a girl outside of the ceremony. This week, it’s Dominique, who went on her first date this week, only to be sent home after telling Nick she wanted to be in more dates.


The Bachelor loves to bring celebrities in on dates, and this season has been no different. This date, we have 90s heartthrobs the Backstreet Boys try and teach the girls to dance in their new Las Vegas show. While it seemed like Jasmine obviously should win since — she was an NBA dancer — Danielle L. took home the gold. She treated us to the most awkward reward —the two kissed and swayed back and forth in front of thousands of people (and millions of people at home).


This was the cutest date so far this season in my opinion. Vanessa and Nick went on a Zero Gravity plane to experience what it’s like in space. Although Vanessa almost threw up, Nick comforting her was pretty swoon worthy.

Every year, the show has at least one “physical” date, where the girls/guys get a chance to show their strength. This time, the girls took place in various track and field events, vying for an opportunity to spend a few minutes in a hot tub with Nick. After seven women competed, it came down to Astrid, Rachel and Alexis as they had one final sprint, having to grab a comically sized wedding ring and jump into the hot tub. Rachel shattered the ring on accident. Meanwhile, Astrid and her terrible sports bra found a way to win. This win would be in vain, as Rachel still took home the group date rose.

It’s time once again for the BACHELOR POWER RANKINGS, where we can rank each contestant. To rank high on our list, you have to be a mix of entertaining, funny, genuine and you have to actually seem like you might have a chance at winning Nick’s love. Since it’s only the second week, we still don’t know the story of all the women yet, so we’ll only be fleshing out the top ten.


Corinne has completely assumed the role of villain, and she’s doing great at it. Like last week, pretty much all of the episode was Corinne-focused, and the schemes she used to lure Nick were top notch. First, it was the trenchcoat she used to get his attention, then she fell asleep while the rose ceremony took place, then she rented a bounce house for them to do inappropriate behavior while every girl watched — super weird and confusing. She keeps getting roses, so we’ll see Corinne for at least two or three more weeks.

Vanessa had the most adorable date of the episode. They went on a Zero Gravity plane to experience what space is like. While Vanessa puked on the date — which was absolutely disgusting — Nick was the perfect gentleman to Vanessa. He comforted her the entire time she felt sick. Their chemistry was undeniable, and I could totally see them as a serious couple in the future.

Danielle M. proves to be the most perfect person in the world, and Nick doesn’t deserve her. The only reason she got bumped down was because she got a grand total of five minutes of screen time this episode.

Rachel nearly won the hot tub portion of the sports date this week, but she still ended up with the rose which ultimately is what really matters. Not to mention, her screen time increased from 30 seconds to probably three minutes. Regardless, I still think she’ll make it pretty far.

Danielle L. obviously isn’t the best Danielle, but her rose win on the Backstreet Boys date could’ve cemented her as a serious contender. If I had to judge the most awkward makeout scenes this season, they might’ve won that too.

Okay we all know Alexis won’t win, but who doesn’t love Alexis? She’s someone I want to be friends with. She has a bubbly personality and is also very chill. She doesn’t have any issues with the other girls in the house. Nick seems like he genuinely has fun with Alexis. She is the anti- Corinne.

(#14 LAST WEEK)-
Astrid and Nick didn’t have a huge connection this episode, but she was given more air time this week.

#8. RAVEN (#12 LAST WEEK)-
Raven’s accent annoys me to no end, but Nick seems to have an interest in her. At the end of the episode, Raven confronted Nick about Corinne’s actions, which will continue into next week’s episode.

Sarah hasn’t been given much air time, but I really like Sarah. She’s pretty, sweet and in my opinion would be a perfect pick for Nick. Let’s just hope Nick can actually see this and not just focus on girls like Corinne.

Jasmine, as a dancer for the Golden State Warriors, had the best chance to win the DANCING COMPETITION. But like the Golden State Warriors, she blew it. Not to mention, Jasmine had a serious bone to pick with Corinne this week, which is understandable.

#13. JAIMI (#15 LAST WEEK)

Will Corinne continue her hijinks? Who’s going home at the rose ceremony? Why do we keep watching this show? Find out next week on ROSE WATCH.

Watch The Bachelor on ABC every monday at 8/7c.

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