10 Instantly Debatable Topics For Your Conversations

Ryland Mallett, discusses debatable topics.

Ryland Mallett, discusses debatable topics.

Ryland Mallett, Staff Writer

It’s human nature to argue – which caveman should get credit for inventing fire, which Greek wins the flat earth debate and which science fiction show holds superiority: Star Wars or Star Trek? Ultimately, all of the great debates came to a resolution. What remains are the most important questions of all. These timeless inquiries continue to define human culture and deserve everyone’s attention.

Is water wet?
Yes: If you touch something that is wet, it feels wet. If you touch water it feels wet.

No: Whatever is filled with water is wet but water itself is not wet.

Is a hot dog a sandwich?
Yes: A hotdog has meat in between bread so it is a sandwich.

No: Monkeys and apes are two different things so hot dogs and sandwiches are two different things.

What color is nothing?
White: Black is the combination of all colors while white is the absence of color.

Black: To see color you need light. If there is no light then there is no color and just darkness which is black.

Do you eat rice with a spoon or fork?
Spoon: Rice falls through a fork.

Fork: The worst idea ever. What kind of person uses a fork? (This response has been affected by the writer’s bias)

Neither: Chopsticks

Is cereal a soup?
Yes: A soup is pieces of a solid in a liquid same as a soup.

No: Cereal is a sweet breakfast food while soup is a wholesome broth with meat.

Are boneless chicken wings just chicken nuggets in disguise?
Yes: If you take the sauce and the spices away from the boneless chicken wing, it’s basically a chicken nugget

No: You can’t go to Wingstop and buy chicken nuggets.

Is a thumb a finger?
Yes: Everyone knows the human hand has five fingers not four and a thumb.

No: The thumb has two knuckles while fingers have three. Plus, the thumb is shorter.

If you are at a restaurant and your waiter doesn’t come back, are you the waiter?
This really isn’t all that debatable, but it’s funny. Who doesn’t like a good pun.

If you clean out a vacuum cleaner, are you a vacuum cleaner?
Neither is this one but again, it’s funny. Laugh.

Is everything debateable?
Yes: No matter what topic, two sides can always be taken and argued. We can even debate this question itself.

No: Yes you can say make two different cases for anything but you have to have evidence to debate something and not all things have evidence.