10 People Influencing Culture

Micaih Thomas writes about ten young people influencing society.

Graphic by Micaih Thomas

Micaih Thomas writes about ten young people influencing society.

Micaih Thomas, Staff Writer

Society consists of two types of people: the influenced and the influencers. Here’s a list of people you are influenced by everyday without knowing it.

Luka Sabbat
Creative director, model, and actor, Luka Sabbat has transcended the congressional perspective of society. He became an actor, creative director, model and entrepreneur. He stars on the show, “Grownish,” and plays the character “Luca.”

Jaden Smith
Because of his father and huge following on social media, Jaiden uses his influence to bring awareness to environmental issues. On his latest album, SYRE, he speaks on things such as love, society and finding himself.

Petra Collins
Your typical girl-model for Gucci and friends with Selena Gomez. She has changed the game of photography, cinematography, and the overall culture of entertainment. Through her unique outlook on fashion and aesthetic, she has single handedly created a new wave of life. Her most known projects are music videos for Cardi B, “Bardier Cardi”, Selena Gomez, “Fetish.”

Lauren Tepfer
Raised in New Jersey, Lauren used her passion for life and youth to depict suburbia through her photography at the age of 14. As she got older, she started working with big brands and people  such as Nike, Converse and Dylan Sprouse.

Rowan Blanchard
Most know her from the show “Girl Meets World,” but now she has taken on a new world of activism, writing, and modeling. With her new book, “Still Here”, she talks about her lust for justice within the minority communities, representation in media, and her personal struggles with depression.

Jerry Lorenzo
Lorenzo started out having epic A-list parties, filled with “important” people. After sobering up, he started focusing on his fashion line, “Fear of God”. Since 2012, he has influenced celebrities like Justin Bieber, Teyana Taylor, and Kanye West. At Megafest in 2014, he said his inspiration stems from darkness, a depth that configures his perspective.

Yara Shahidi
Starring in Blackish, Yara marked her territory on national television, and brought representation to the black community. Like Rowan, she stands up for movements like Black Lives Matter and recently, March For Our Lives.

Laura Toggs
Daughter of Brian Houston, founder and senior pastor of Hillsong Church, she has set a new precedent for youth ministry, and continues to impact worldly culture.

Billie Eilish
At the age of 15, Billie became an overnight sensation. With her album, “Don’t Smile At Me,” she has reached the ears of pre-teens, adults and even Jimmy Fallon. Her music leaves a blank space for people to discern and write their lives into each song. Her song, “Bellyache”, opened eyes of people in the music industry- allowing everyone to realize that you can write about more than meets the eye.

Kendrick Lamar
Since his albums, “Good Kid, M.A.A.D City” and “To Pimp a Butterfly”, millennial have gained an interest in his art, mind,and background. Born in Compton, California,  Kendrick aspired to get out of the gang influenced city and escape familiarity. He uses his life as a canvas for people to poke and probe. His authenticity, unique sound and inordinate lyrics draw people from all lifestyles.