10 Shocking Nickeloden Moments

10 Shocking Nickeloden Moments

Micaih Thomas, Staff Writer

When it comes to scandals, Nickelodeon is the jackpot of all misconduct. Unlike boring Disney Channel, Nick had shows that allowed kids to kiss on T.V. So scandalous. The list below showcases the many times Nickelodeon had every ten year old’s jaw on the floor. You’re welcome.

When Sam and Freddie kissed in iCarly
In the beginning of the episode, Sam, Carly and Freddie start talking about their first kisses, but Freddy talks about how he never had his. Sam and Carly make fun of him, and eventually Sam tells people at school. Freddy’s life becomes a nightmare and he distances himself from all of his friends, causing him to quit working for iCarly. Then, Sam reveals that she never had her first kiss to Freddy, and to solve their situation (kiss-lessness), they decide to kiss each other. First off, no one would have ever thought that Sam and Freddie would end up together. THAT was the best plot twist known to mankind.

Ned’s Declassified
Spin the bottle, an American tradition that brings pre-teens together to exchange saliva and thousands of germs. Taking place at someone’s house party, Ned and Moze prepare themselves to kiss whoever the bottle lands on.

When we found out that Kel’s love for Orange Soda was an actual addiction
In the beginning of the Kenan and Kel series, everyone knew that Kel loved orange soda. It was hilarious at first, but as the show progressed, Kel’s lust for orange soda never stopped. Personally, I thought that was kind of disturbing.

When Charles Galloway started haunting PCA
After difficult tests that Zoey and the gang had taken, they found out about Redstone Gulch and the mysterious hauntings that occurred there. Out of curiosity, they decide to snoop out the myth. Long story short, they find a dog tag that belonged to the ghost of Charles Galloway. Frightened, they leave the scene, but LOGAN AND HIS DUMB SELF decided to steal the necklace. As they return to PCA, their lives become cursed and it’s up to them to reverse the curse.

Each season, Victorious does an episode that does not make any sense. This time, the story reflected the infamous movie, The Breakfast Club.

Back at the Barnyard
When the animals started walking on two legs instead of four… It’s funny, but very disturbing.

The Spongebob Squarepants movie
If you know you know. 2002 and 2003 babies could never relate.

When Drake & Josh got stuck inside their houses with all their exes
The weather was dangerously stormy, roads were too treacherous to drive on and dozens of people had no choice but to take shelter in Drake & Josh’s house. It just so happened that all of their exes were there as well. Also, Helen and Crazy Steve were there.

Big Time Rush
Everyday with BTR was a “big time rush” (I hope that made you cringe). Anyway, I remember being ten and watching the first episode and laughing my head off. When I think about it, the show wasn’t that funny, but the way BTR made their way to fame was inspiring and hilarious. Watch the first episode to understand.

True Jackson VP
True was an ordinary girl trying to sell sandwiches around her neighborhood, but she stumbled upon a corporate building that would soon bless her with the opportunity to work in the fashion industry. The first episode was the most iconic episode of the series. Please don’t @ me. Thanks.