Review: Legacy Students’ Favorite Songs


Jordyn Folsom writes about her favorite tunes.

Jordyn Folsom , Staff Writer

Everyone listens to music and some of us cannot go through the day without it. A favorite song or just something random on the radio changes the mood. Music puts people in their feels and means different things for everyone. These top ten songs should have a place on every student’s playlist.

Nonstop” – Drake (2018)

“Nonstop”  one of the songs from Drake’s booming “Scorpion” album that stayed number one on the Billboard charts for over four weeks in a row. Drake’s position as a hip-hop icon stays prevalent as this song represents his “Nonstop” career and fame. While listening to Drake’s unique voice and lyrics, people cannot help but feel invincible.

“I like the way it sounds,” Sophomore Haley Brown said. “I just love singing it.”

The Duck Song” – Bryant Oden (2009)

As a quirky children’s tune, “The Duck Song” gives off an innocent vibe. Surprisingly, this song can be interpreted deeper than just a jingle about a duck wanting grapes instead of  homemade lemonade. People today often want more than they can get, like the duck wanting the grapes the man does not have. For a simple track with simple lyrics, The Duck Song persists as a great song to listen to while analyzing the faults of today’s society.

“I like this song because I can relate to it,” Freshman Carmen Jennings said. “I’m tired of lemonade. I just want grapes.”

Beautiful Crazy” – Luke Combs (2017)

An acoustic guitar and a country fiddle start this country tune as Combs’ barrel-chested voice makes an entrance, singing about how a woman’s imperfections make her “Beautiful Crazy.” The passion Combs sings with makes hearts swell, and his rich tone makes his words all the more likable.

“It’s a great example of how you shouldn’t only love someone for looks but for their personality,” Sophomore Luke Barnes said. “We often lose that in today’s society.”

Imagine” – John Lennon (1971)

“Imagine” definitely holds a place as one of the tracks by the iconic Lennon that brings fans back in time to the 70’s. This song digs deep into Lennon’s fantasy of a peaceful world as his mellow voice sings over the electric keyboard and drums. As the slow tempo feeds into the soft-rock vibe, words about a world without conflict tells listeners of Lennon’s opinion about living in a society with ongoing war.

“This song is really pretty,” Sophomore Blaire Bussey said. “It inspires me to be a better person.”

I Wonder” – Kanye West (2007)

A lighthearted tone introduces the song while bouncy acoustics, an electric keyboard and drums sustain the beat. Kanye’s words about questioning events in life makes listeners want to break out the picture albums and relive their past with this nostalgic beat blaring in the background.

“I like this song a lot,” Junior Brianna Canella said. “It has a really nice beat.”

You Saw It Coming” – Rush Garcia (2018)

“You Saw It Coming” explores different styles from fast and changing to soft and gentle. Some parts sound like a video game, some parts sound like an orchestra and other parts make listeners want to dance. Garcia’s composition style represents anything but ordinary. Some people may think of this piece as crazy, but the overall fun feeling still prevails in the midst of the wonderful composition.

“It makes me feel more free,” Junior Oscar Garrido said. “I just love the fastness and groove of the piece.”

No Bystanders” – Travis Scott (2018)

This hip-hop track from Travis’s new “Astroworld” album contains upbeat and electronic instrumentals that make any atmosphere feel like a party. The fast rapping emphasizes the getting-lost-in-a-good-time theme of the song.

“The rhythm makes me want to dance,” Sophomore David Flores said. “It’s a good song to listen to when chilling with people.”

Fifteen” – Taylor Swift (2008)

Country or pop, Taylor rocks any stage. “Fifteen” stands in the middle of her switch between the genres, but it still holds meaning that every young girl should hear. The country guitar contrasts well with the teen-boppy lyrics and beat. The contrast ties in nicely with the lyrics that explain what the first year of high school to the next few years of it. “Fifteen” sinks into hearts and minds and stays there forever because the overall story represents the journey through high school everyone experiences.

“I just related to it and it’s true,” Senior Emily Touchstone said. “You don’t know who you are supposed to be at fifteen.”

Without You” – Avicii (2017)

“Without You” describes the loss and the grueling process of moving on afterward. Even with the depressing lyrics, the driving instrumentation builds up and turns the tune into a piece that people can rave to. The build of the song progresses like a documentation of pain despite the overall techno beat that kind of buries the true meaning. “Without You,” a brilliant tune, sadly represents Avicii’s struggle with everything that plagued him in life.

“I can’t truly relate to it but I absolutely love it,” Senior Danny Morgan said. “It’s composed so casually only to carry so much meaning.”

Requiem” – David Maslanka (2013)

The somber tone sets a serene setting and the piano really stands out as the instrument that incorporates the mood the best. As this twelve-minute masterpiece progresses, wave sounds play that emphasizes the calamity of the piece. The instrumentation gets louder from piano to forte and more aggressive by adding the feeling of triumph. Then the song goes back to that serene and calm place towards the end. With so many different things going on and blending together, the complex nature of this song absolutely takes the listener’s breath away.

“I love this song because it gives me the joy and memories back to when I went to Indianapolis with the band,” Junior Annabelle Riddle said. “I vividly remember the crowd’s standing ovation after we played it and my tears of joy.”