Ashton Williams: Hey Now, I’m An All Star


Seth Miller

Ashton Williams preforms during halftime at the red out game against the Samuell Spartans.

As she records herself dancing, senior Ashton Williams knows she may not make it on the team. She finished her dance and submitted the video. Now she sits with a nervous composure and waits for the results. With only 20 spots on the All-Star Dance Team, she hoped to make the cut.  

For Williams, nerves came when she thought about the All-Star Dance Team. After she submitted her audition doubts filled her mind with unease and worry over her acceptance onto the team. When Williams received the email that she got accepted onto the team she felt lucky to take part in the experience. The team will take a trip to Osaka, Japan in August 2019 for the Miss Dance and Drill Team competition.

“I felt really nervous,” Williams said. “Also excited and proud of myself.”

Every member of the team must pay $3,000 for the trip to Japan where they will only perform as guests. This guest performance will represent Texas and the United States as a whole.

“I was excited to be granted an opportunity like this because I have never been outside of the country,” Williams said.

She felt excited and proud of herself when she learned she made the team.

“What I’m looking forward to most is just to be in a new place,” Williams said. “Completely different from anything I’ve ever experienced.”

Williams danced for 15 years and stands as captain of the varsity drill team. Brooke Parlin director of the varsity drill team knew of Williams interest to join the All-Star Dance Team since last summer but did not take part in the audition process.

“She is very skilled at picking up choreography and typically does not need help,” Coach Parlin said.

Dance allows her to express herself through various styles with all sorts of different people. Overall she feels grateful to form part of the team and her contribution as a dancer.

“I don’t feel pressured,” Williams said. “I’m happy I have been given this opportunity.”